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Work Experience at WHH

Looking to do work experience with us? This page will tell you everything you need to know about applying.

Are you interested in a career in health?

Are you in education and unsure what pathway to take?

Are you currently not in education, employment, or training?

Then read on we can help...

Work Experience, what is it?

Work Experience can be described as short-term experience of employment.

It offers you a great opportunity to sample a career in the NHS and gain experience being in a working environment which can prove invaluable in shaping your long-term future. Many University courses now require you to demonstrate you have undertaken work experience as part of the application process.

  • It is a valuable way of getting some confidence and experience of caring for people
  • Participating on work experience can help you to explore possible future careers
  • Can give a unique insight into the patient journey, providing valuable experience which could improve your chances of gaining entry to a specific university or college course

While there are many clinical or frontline roles which involve delivering care to patients and families there are also a large number of staff who work in non-Clinical areas such as scientists, accountants, maintenance and media specialists.

Where does the Work Experience take place?

Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospitals offers work experience placements across the three sites, Warrington and Halton Hospitals and the Captain Sir Thomas Moore building. There is a Shuttle Bus which runs between the sites.

What kind of Work Experience do we offer?

We offer Work Experience in Clinical and Non-Clinical areas, we also offer Virtual Work Experience opportunities to schools and colleges.

Who can undertake Work Experience?

While we offer Work Experience Placements to age 14 years and upwards, these placements are in Non-Clinical areas only. They are Administrative or clerical roles undertaken in various offices throughout the hospitals.

Clinical Work Experience opportunities are available for 17 years and over, usually through the second year of college.

We consider applications from individuals who live in or attend an educational institute in the local area due to high demand for placements; priority will be given to applicants attending schools in the catchment areas of the hospital sites.

How to Apply

Please click on the link to apply for a work experience opportunity: https://forms.office.com/e/HhhS6x7KEz

Once your Application has been processed you will receive a link from ‘Cority’ this is the Occupational Health screening system.  You will be able to complete a Health questionnaire and are provided with the facility to upload Evidence of Immunisations.

Evidence of Immunisations

You will be able to obtain Evidence of your up-to-date Immunisations from your GP or screenshot the vaccinations information from the NHS App, you MUST upload this as this will determine whether you will be able to attend the hospital.

The letter from your GP surgery or screenshot from the NHS App, must show evidence of your immunisations particularly 2 x measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccines. If you are unable to obtain a list of your immunisations from your GP you will need to supply written evidence of a blood test result showing immunity to measles, mumps and rubella.

For anyone over 18 years and anyone wishing to have a placement in a clinical area, you will also need a letter from your GP surgery which shows evidence you have had your 1st and 2nd COVID-19 vaccination

Any queries regarding the Cority system must be emailed to: whh.occupationalhealthandwellbeing@nhs.net

Please note that not all departments are able to accept work experience placements and others will have specific criteria which students must fulfil. We do not consider applications where the criteria have not been met or the correct procedure for applying has not been followed.

All eligible applications are dealt with in strict rotation - as we receive high volumes of applications, particularly in summer, we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

Work Experience does not take part in December, January, and February due to Winter pressures.

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What have people said about us...


"Work experience at WHH has taught me many things and it has made me feel better about myself because it boosted my confidence."  Molly, 15

“Just a quick message to say thank you for arranging today. I had a brilliant day, so useful & interesting” Sarah, 37

"I have learned a lot and found out how things work in a hospital environment. I have really enjoyed everything that I've seen and done." Leah, 15

"I have been able to explore the different areas in medicine during my week's work experience." Zara, 17

“I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to come and gain some work experience within Warrington Hospital i learnt so much as had an amazing but challenging day ...I am just keen and inspired from my visit on Tuesday and would love to come back “ Olivia , 17

Work Placement Opportunities

Work placement opportunities are available across the Trust for people at various stages in their career, please contact the emails below if you are seeking:

Pre-registration experience


An Elective placement


Clinical attachments

whh.internationalrecruitment@nhs.net whh.medicalrecruit@nhs.net