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Respiratory Services

The Respiratory Ward (A7) is a mixed sex unit consisting of 33 beds (28 in bays and 5 side rooms).

A7 is located on the third floor of Appleton Wing at Warrington Hospital. We also care for patients with complex respiratory conditions and those requiring extra respiratory support such as Non Invasive Ventilation (NIV) and patients with tracheostomies in place.

Our inpatients have a structured consultant led quality ward round Monday to Friday and is in conjunction with a team of Speciality trainee, Junior Doctors and the ward based Acute Clinical Practitioner.

Alongside our Medical structure we have a compressive Nursing and therapy team with advanced respiratory skills to support our respiratory patients with complex needs. This includes our respiratory specialist nurses, Health care assistants, Physiotherapist and Occupational therapist.

Ward A7 also has a state of the art fully equipped practical procedures area for invasive respiratory procedures. We provide training and educational support for medical, nursing and physician associate students through the year.


Matron: Rebecca Hossbach

Ward manager: Sarah Hargadon

Contact Number: 01925 5157

Visiting times: As Per Trust Visiting 12:00 – 20:00

We provide a variety of Respiratory outpatient clinics in the outpatient department, Appleton Wing at Warrington Hospital and the outpatient department at Halton General Hospital as well as access to community respiratory care. Clinics are consultant led and supported by a variety of clinical nurse specialists.

The community respiratory team has just gone through a period of integration. The Warrington and Halton teams have now joined as one and as such have one triage number. The team is consultant led, supported by a dedicated integrated community respiratory physician. We see patients with any diagnosed respiratory disease within the Warrington and Halton area. The hours of service are now: 08.30 to 19.30, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Known patients can self-refer and we also take referrals from GP, other hospital Trusts and from HCPs. Our aim is to prevent hospital admission and support patients when they have been discharged from hospital. We offer education around their disease especially around medication and self-management. We also support patients when they are coming to the end of life.

Patients are assessed by either a respiratory nurse or respiratory physiotherapist, a treatment plan is written and agreed with the patient and or carers and we offer support during that episode of care until the patient feels well enough to return to our self-referral scheme which enables patients the ability to contact the team when they feel things are not as stable as they should be. The respiratory team also work within Warrington hospital, seeing in patients who have been admitted with their respiratory illness. This way they can identify patients who can be supported at home, by the team but also to support them whilst in hospital.

As well as seeing patients in their own home we also run nurse and physio led clinics. As well as oxygen clinics for patients on Long Term Oxygen Therapy (LTOT) and Ambulatory Oxygen (AOT). The therapy team run Pulmonary Rehabilitation and also bronchiectasis clinics and hyperventilation clinics.

The team also support patients, at home, who have Non Invasive Ventilation (NIV) The team have just started a new service for Widnes patients who are under certain GP’s. This is run at the Widnes Resource Centre and here patients are seen in the clinic by a respiratory nurse or GP with special interest in respiratory disease.

They might be asked to attend for spirometry and also have access to smoking cessation services and life style professionals.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

We provide exercise and education groups for people with a diagnosed chronic lung disease who are limited due to breathlessness, including those who have had a recent hospital admission. Classes are provided across Warrington and Halton and are run twice a week for 6 weeks. We accept referrals from any Health Care Professional, For further information contact the Team on 01925 251392

Respiratory Physiotherapy

We offer a variety of outpatient Respiratory Physiotherapy clinics that are accessed via referral from a Respiratory Consultant or one of the medical Team.

You can view our Senior Doctor profiles for Respiratory Medicine here. 

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