Apprenticeships are a great way to learn and gain experience at the same time. This page explains the main features of apprenticeships, gives examples, explains a little about entry requirements and how to apply, and looks briefly at next steps.

What are Apprenticeships?

  • apprenticeships offer structured training with an employer and lead to nationally recognised qualifications from GCSE to degree.
  • they provide a route into different careers, including many departments in WHH as well as career progression/change for existing staff.
  • apprenticeships can take anything from one to four years to complete.
  • they are open to anyone from the age of 16.
  • apart from learning in the workplace, you may go on day or block release to a training centre, college or university.
  • you work towards a competence qualification (based on what you can do in the workplace) and a knowledge qualification, or a qualification combining both elements.
  • you will develop your skills, including English and Maths.

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