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Macmillan Delamere Support and Information Centre

The Macmillan Delamere Support and Information Service at Halton General Hospital provides a confidential, drop-in service for anyone affected by cancer.

When you’re affected by cancer, having the right kind of support and information, at the right time, is essential.

The Macmillan Delamere Support and Information Service at Halton General Hospital provides a confidential, drop-in service for anyone affected by cancer.

This includes people who:

  • Require information about cancer
  • Have been diagnosed with cancer
  • Have survived cancer
  • Are living with the consequences of a cancer diagnosis
  • Are looking to reduce the risks of cancer
  • Are a carer, relative, or friend of someone with cancer
  • Are healthcare professionals
  • Require emotional support

Our service is currently able to offer the following support to anyone affected by a cancer diagnosis.

Information Services & Emotional Support
If you have been affected by a cancer diagnosis and require information or support, please contact us. We are able to provide information and literature supplied by Macmillan to provide more understanding, guidance, and support.  Signposting to other services including wig fitting, support groups and patient courses is also available.

Face to Face & Telephone Counselling
A cancer diagnosis can be a very difficult time for both patients and their families and can result in additional stress, tension and anxiety.  Talking through issues with a trained counsellor can help support patients and their families throughout diagnosis, surgery or treatment.  

Face to face and telephone counselling appointments are available throughout the week including evenings.  If you feel you would benefit from some emotional support, please contact our Emotional & Psychological coordinator on 01928 753291.

Welfare Rights Advice
If you live in the Halton area and are affected by a cancer diagnosis and have been impacted financially, you can access Welfare Rights advice by contacting our Macmillan Welfare Rights Adviser on 0151 511 8214.

Complementary Therapy
Complementary therapies are available in the centre to help patients and families cope with some of the stresses caused by a cancer diagnosis.  Our therapists are qualified to work in oncology and can offer daily holistic therapies including Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflexology and Reiki.  In addition, some beauty treatments including Facials, Manicures and Pedicures are available to patients only.  

All appointments can be booked by telephoning 01928 753502 or calling into the Macmillan Delamere Office. 

The Macmillan Delamere Unit at Halton General Hospital reopened in 2013 with a fantastic new look following a £1 million redesign and refurbishment.

The refurbishment has seen the centre completely redesigned. There are new counselling and complementary therapy rooms, a garden area and completely new look information centre. The aim is to create a relaxed atmosphere for people using the service.

The service provides the opportunity to discuss treatments, side effects and other cancer related issues with access to a private room where you can talk to someone in confidence about your concerns.

Services include:

  • Complementary therapies
  • Counselling
  • Welfare rights and benefits advice
  • Literature on all aspects of living with cancer
  • Information and support over the phone for those not able to access the service in person.

The Macmillan Delamere Support & Information Service is run by experienced Macmillan professionals which include:

  • Macmillan Support & Information Manager
  • Macmillan Support & Information Assistant
  • Emotional & Psychological Support Coordinator
  • Macmillan Welfare Rights Adviser

The service is also supported by a team of specially trained volunteers who provide support and information, refreshments, complementary therapy and counselling.  

You can download a wide range of leaflets directly from the Macmillan web site. They provide high quality, up-to-date cancer information for cancer patients, their families and carers. All of their information is written and reviewed by specialists. 

Click here to access the latest edition of the Macmillan Delamere Newsletter.

The Macmillan website link will direct you to information about different conditions and treatments that are available.

You can drop in to the centre which is located next to the main entrance at Halton General Hospital.

You can also call us to make an enquiry.

The Macmillan Delamere Support and Information Service 
Halton General Hospital 
Hospital Way

Telephone: 01928 753502
Email: whh.macmillandelamerecancercentre@nhs.net

Contact Numbers

Macmillan Support & Information Services Manager
Tel – 01928 753501

Macmillan Information Services & Psychological Support Coordinator
Tel – 01928 753291

Macmillan Welfare Rights Adviser (Halton)
Tel – 0151 511 8214 

Macmillan Welfare Rights Adviser (Warrington)
Tel - 01925 843730 or 01925 246970 
Email - macmillan@warrington.cabnet.org.uk 

Goddess Class (Monthly)
The Goddess Class provides support and advice from centre staff and a qualified wig fitter to a small group of patients about to embark on their chemotherapy journey, helping to improve self esteem and confidence.  Focusing on the visible side effects of cancer treatment such as loss of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, damage to nails and help with skincare.  The class provides a fun practical make up session too!


Monthly Meditation
A monthly group meditation is available as a drop in service on the third Tuesday of the month at 3pm in the Macmillan Delamere Centre (Meeting Room).  Meditation can reduce stress, anxiety and help improve sleep.

Please contact the Macmillan Delamere Centre on 01928 753502 for more information or to book your place on any of the courses or classes available.

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Opening times

Monday - 10am - 4pm

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The Nightingale Building (formerly known as Halton Hospital)