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Vascular Surgery

We provide an extensive vascular service at the hospitals with outpatient services provided at Warrington Hospital, Halton General Hospital and in Widnes.

We provide an extensive vascular service at the hospitals with outpatient services provided at Warrington Hospital, Halton General Hospital and in Widnes. We also provide a range of inpatient surgical and treatment services.

Vascular is the branch of medicine and surgery that look at arteries and veins. Our clinics look at all vascular related problems including varicose veins, blood vessel damage or blockages, and surgery relating to strokes. 

Routine vascular surgery is carried out at both our hospital sites for local patients.

Our facilities

Mr Nicholas and the team at the Widnes clinicWe provide our outpatient vascular clinics in several locations:

  • Warrington Hospital
  • Halton General Hospital
  • Widnes Healthcare Resource Centre - The hospital trust has set this community clinic up as a one-stop service. That means that as well as initial and follow up appointments, ultrasound is also available to help provide a diagnosis whilst at the clinic. Patients can have their scan at the centre before seeing the consultant who can review the results during the consultation.

Your GP can refer you to the closest centre for your care.

We have a team of vascular consultant surgeons who are supported by highly skilled specialist nurses.

Diagnostics also plays a key role in vascular care and we work closely with our radiology team to provide vascular diagnostics.

Vascular services in the region have changed recently with the move to set up a new vascular network that sees major and emergency vascular surgery cases for patients from the area performed at the Countess of Chester Hospital. However, the vast majority of patients needing routine vascular care and procedures still receive their care locally at Warrington and Halton Hospitals.

The aim of the network is to ensure that expertise for emergency vascular surgery is focused at one centre. Our surgeons in Warrington and Halton are part of the network and perform emergency and major surgery at Chester as well as their routine work with us

From 1 April 2018, The Countess of Chester Hospital operates and manages Vascular services across Wirral, West Cheshire and Warrington. This is the result of a joint decision made by the executive teams from the Countess, Warrington & Halton Trust and Wirral University Teaching Hospital at a South Mersey Arterial Network Steering Board meeting.

Prior to 1 April 2018, in-patient vascular and endovascular services had already been centralised at the Countess in 2013, with Wirral and Warrington continuing to provide services at their own sites. The only change to this new model is that staff working within vascular at Wirral and Warrington are now Countess employees.   

Individual information will be shared between your local Trust and the Countess of Chester Hospital; to allow the clinical teams to provide the best possible care that you may require. This will have no impact on patient care or where services are delivered. Patients will continue to receive high standards of care at their local hospital. The updated model is about unifying the approach to vascular services across South Mersey and ensuring high quality and consistent care across the region

GPs can refer directly to our services.

Appleton Wing 
Warrington Hospital

01925 662038

Warrington Hospital

The Nightingale Building (formerly known as Halton Hospital)