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WHH Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy 2020-2022

Our challenge is to provide Digital  leadership within a fast moving healthcare technology environment as we look to directly  contribute to our organisation aims and objectives on our journey to outstanding. This document sets out our commitment to the trust and our wider stakeholders to support the health and social  care needs of our citizens in all aspects of their lives, irrespective of the services they rely  upon.

The strategy is influenced by the NHS Long Term Plan, the 5 Year Forward View and the  NHS vision for healthcare which clearly expect barrier free health & social care  experiences through empowerment (ownership of one’s own record and wellbeing),  supporting care professionals and their practice, improving clinical efficiency and safety  underpinned by modern technology.

Our paperless ambitions will focus upon optimisation of our Electronic Patient Records to  support our staff, patients and carers in embracing digital solutions for complex yet  seamless health & care services. We will continue to build upon the emerging national,  regional and local solutions to realise our aim of outstanding services through our Quality,  People and Sustainable objectives. Such initiatives include the MyGP app, now delivering  real value to patients irrespective of their relationship with the health system.

Your data is our key asset when delivering outstanding services that allow our citizens to  manage their health whilst also informing wider population health initiatives. Advanced  clinical applications will demand a digitally skilled workforce to deliver responsive and  high quality services reliant upon the digital care record. Security & confidentiality,  accessibility & availability, accuracy, comprehensiveness and usability are all key facets of  world class digitised care. It is our intention to develop ever more impactful and  accessible decision support tools and insights for clinicians and patients in pursuit of the  right information, advice, decision and support every time.

We are committed to supporting our workforce and our citizens to achieve outstanding  care. Our rebranded Digital Services department states our intent.

Phill James, Chief Information Officer

Alex Crowe, Chief Clinical Information Officer