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Council of Governors

Details of our Governors who represent public and staff at the Trust

As an NHS Foundation Trust, we have a Council of Governors made up of elected public and staff governors and partner governors who represent local organisations that we work closely with.

The Council of Governors helps to hold the Trust to account to local people. They are the link between the hospital and our local communities within Warrington, Halton and other local areas – ensuring that local people can input into decisions and plans. 
Governors are involved in shaping and endorsing our strategy, monitoring performance and engaging with the public.

Our Council of Governors is made up of the following representatives:

  • 17 Public Governors - elected by the public members and representing the local community
  • 5 Staff Governors - elected by our hospital staff members
  • 6 Partner Governors - nominated by organisations we work closely with in Warrington and Halton.

Governor Elections 2023 results

Nominations have now closed for Governor elections.

None of the seats with vacancies received multiple nominations meaning all seats were uncontested, and as a result the voting stage of elections was not required.

The results are as follows:

  •     Public: Rest of England -
    • Kevin Keith
    • Remains vacant
  •     Public: Warrington North - 
    • Colin Jenkins
  •     Public: Warrington South -
    • Sue Fitzpatrick
    • Carol Ann Kelly
  •     Staff: Clinical Scientists or Allied Health Professionals -
    • Rachel Bold
  •     Staff: Support - 
    • Remains vacant

Watch the video below for more information on the role of a Governor from some of our current Public Governors.

Access the offical Uncontested Report for the Council of Governors Elections 2023.

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For more information on what being a governor involves read our Guide to being a WHH Governor.

Image of the front cover of our 'Being a Governor' handbookj

The Council of Governors meets formally four times a year in public and anyone can attend to listen to the meeting. The meeting is Chaired by the Trust Chairman. At the meeting, the Governors receive the latest performance information and have the chance to analyse it and raise questions. The formal Public Council of Governors meeting programme is a small part of the Governors’ work in the Trust.

Governors observe the Board Committees which allows them to bring information and views to the main Council meeting. These Committees focus on a number of areas including quality in care, finance, people; and communications and membership. 

Governors also help us to formulate our annual strategic plan. They hold workshops and survey their members to ensure the plan is in line with public expectation.

They also carry out unannounced ward inspections across the Trust where they monitor standards of our care and talk to patients and staff.

They also engage with their local communities and attend other events and meetings to ensure they can put forward views that are representative of their local communities

You can access minutes and agendas of our council of governors meetings here

Governors are required to comply with the Trust's Standards of Business Conduct and to declare interests that are relevant to the Council. All Governors should declare such interests on appointment and on any subsequent occasion that a conflict arises. Details of the Register of Interests are reviewed annually. To request a copy of the latest Register of Interests for the Council of Governors please contact WHH.foundation@nhs.net  

If you want to contact your Governor, please email WHH.foundation@nhs.net with your query or with a request for them to contact you and tell us the area that you live in. You can also call us on 01925 66 2139.

Our Governors are happy to come and present, meet or liaise with any community organisation. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Our Governors also regularly attend events where they are happy to speak with people about their views.

Elected Public Governors

Warrington North

It’s a privilege to represent my constituency as Governor and Lead Governor of the Council of Governors. 

In my 6 years as a Governor, I have gained considerable knowledge and experience of the workings of our NHS hospitals. 

I’m passionate about WHH and wish to ensure the public receive the best value for money Services and Facilities available.

I focus on the standards of patient care, being an ambassador for both patients and public, making myself available to all members of the Community. 

I listen and put forward views to the Trust to secure continued high standards of care and a full range of services the citizens of Warrington need. 

I wish to ensure that Health Inequalities are addressed across the Health and Social Care systems in Warrington.

I want to extend and improve our engagement and communications with you, our constituents, so that your views are heard.

I am a retired engineer who went into local politics 45 years ago as a Parish Councillor for Culcheth, Glazebury, and still am an ACTIVE Parish Councillor for not only Culcheth & Glazebury but Croft Parish Council as well.

I was a Cheshire County Councillor for 13 years and when Warrington became a unitary authority in 1974 I became a Borough Councillor for over 15 years.

On my retirement from the borough council, I became a Public Governor representing Culcheth, Glazebury, Croft & Poulton on North Warrington & Halton Hospital Governors Board and at present am in my 2nd term of office. I am presently Chairman of the Engagement Group as well as Deputy Lead Governor. I enjoy what I do and hopefully that reflects in my commitment to the hospital and its patients.

I’m married with three children, five grandchildren and one foster grandchild and I was born and have lived most of my life in Warrington, witnessing it grow into the town it is today.

I worked for Warrington Borough Council for nearly 10 years and at British Aluminium in Bank Quay for over 12 years. I have also lived in Ashton- Under-Lyne for approximately 10 years, where I was a trade union convenor in the textile industry and was elected as a local councillor in one of the 10 most deprived wards in the country. I also ran two pubs with my wife for a number of years.

One of my driving forces is representing people who cannot represent themselves for whatever reason. My work as a convenor and councillor also taught me to listen and try to look further than the obvious and try to foresee potential problems and solutions.

In my 50’s I studied at Warrington Collegiate/Chester University to be able to train, assess and verify core skills in the warehousing and logistics industries. All of my life and work experiences have demonstrated to me that there are a great number of ways we can provide help and assistance to another; to ensure nobody gets left behind.

Having been an NHS patient in hospitals in Warrington, Halton, Tameside, St Helens and at the Walton Centre I and my family have benefited from their excellent care, saving my life in one instance. The road I have travelled led me to volunteer as a way to pay back in some small way for all that I have received.

I am a huge fan of the concept of medical treatment which is free at source and of our NHS as the world leader of that provision.  So many people rely on the NHS in Warrington and as a Governor I am in a position to ensure that the Non-Executive Directors ask the challenging questions to ensure we receive answers for people in the boroughs we are fortunate to represent.

I came to Warrington as a young working mother of two children, who are now grown with children of their own. My mother lived with us for 14 years before receiving dementia care prior to her death in 2014.

Diabetes, cardiac/lung disease treatment and prostate cancer have all impacted on my family life, so I have personal experience of many aspects of the healthcare services in Warrington.

My special interest is in ‘Carers’ whether that be for children, the elderly or Veterans. Now retired, I worked for the Ministry of Defence for 40 years and hold our Armed Forces in very high regard.




Warrington South 

Originally from Wales, I have lived in Appleton, Warrington for more than 20 years.

I have a long association with the hospital, having given birth to my son there 28 years ago!

I am semi-retired, having spent many years auditing hospitals and primary care facilities throughout Europe.

As a former director of The Institute of Clinical Research I understand the importance of governance and standards in clinical practice and teach Good Clinical Practice in the NHS, universities and pharmaceutical companies.

I genuinely want to use my skills and enthusiasm to listen to patients’ feedback and effect change to aid the patients’ experience and enable best practice in our hospital.

In my spare time I sit on a Health Research Ethics Committee.
In addition, I have authored articles and books on clinical research and co-authored The Oxford Handbook on Clinical and Healthcare Research.

Outside of work I’m a member of a church and village choir.

Read more from Sue.

Underpinned by a long clinical and academic nursing career I am passionate about the promotion and provision of high standards of healthcare. A resident in the locality for over 20 years I care about equity and fairness in accessing healthcare, I regard inclusivity as important, I embrace diversity and care about people and the needs of others.

My clinical background will bring an understanding of the context of local and national health and social care needs, together with an awareness of existing and growing health inequalities. As a researcher I recognise the importance of an evidence base and I have experience of working with patients as equal partners, offering essential insight into the effective use of patient and carer perspectives.

My career has been defined by integrity, enthusiasm, and commitment to the safe and effective provision of health and social care. As a Governor I intend to use my skills, experience, and attributes to represent the interests of the local community and contribute to driving any necessary health and care improvements.

I’m proud to have been elected as public Governor for WHH Trust representing our community where I’ve lived with my family for 27 years. 

My wife, who is an NHS Key Worker, and I have two adult daughters who have both lived with type 1 Diabetes from a young age, supported throughout by our fantastic local NHS. 

I’ve enjoyed a successful career with over 20 years Board level experience in both Public and Private sector complex organisations, including driving service improvements for vulnerable citizens, in partnership with local communities.

I led a UK team to successfully reduce UK Pensioner Poverty, increasing take up of benefits and services. 

Also, supporting Cheshire, Warrington, and Greater Manchester Authorities with their local Public Service transformation initiatives including Health and Wellbeing partnerships. 

I am now delighted to represent our community, ensuring our NHS is ‘fantastic for us all’. 

As a Warrington resident for over 30 years, I care passionately about supporting my community to receive high quality care

The NHS and Hospitals have always played a big part in my life from attending Hospital for many years as a child to then working in partnership with clinicians in my career in the pharmaceutical industry. I have always marvelled at the amazing skills, treatments, services and above all people that work within them. In order to keep in touch with demand, expectation and change it is crucial for local health services to listen to their community and respond accordingly which is why I have decided to apply for the role of Hospital Governor During my career I became very familiar with NHS hospital structure, patient flows and funding flows and often read board meeting notes to understand the challenges that these services face. In addition to this, I have gained various skills and qualifications in leadership, coaching and management. These transferable skills will enable me to take on the Governor role and be accountable to my community Currently I am semi-retired and run my own business. I am an executive coach and practitioner in resilience, wellbeing and psychological safety I have a warm personable style and enjoy being part of a team. I pride myself in being a good listener, someone people can trust and build confidence in. I now have the capacity and would be delighted to take on the role of Hospital Governor and give something back


I have devoted my career to health, having practised and have worked within the NHS, industry, county councils and retail, advising companies on Health & Safety legislation and carrying out statutory and non-statutory medicals, health surveillance and case management.  I started up my own Occupational Health Consultancy in 1996 and still work on a consultancy basis.

I have knowledge of the demands of a large organisation, understanding of the need for financial control and the importance of excellent patient/employee care.

I have good working relationships with the members of the Board and the Senior Management Team.

As a practising Christian, I have attended All Saints’ Church, Daresbury, for 20 years and am a Lay Reader, conducting services and providing pastoral care.

I have lived in the area covered by the Trust for 33 years, so am keen to ensure residents have access to high-quality and timely health services.

I have lived in the area for over 30 years.

I became a Governor to try and keep as many services as possible in our hospitals and to try and keep these local where possible.

I wish to keep these to the high standard we have by talking to patients’ staff and people in the area to get their views and concerns.

Bio to follow

I’ve lived in Widnes for 28 years.

I’m married and have a son.

He attended Farnworth and then went on to go to Wade Deacon High School – where I became a Parent Governor. 

After retiring as a Project Manager/Director I began to focus my time on voluntary work.

I’m a trustee at Halton Haven Hospice, and I’m a trustee at AGE UK Mid Mersey - both of these roles I take seriously due to their importance to the local community.

Furthermore, I’m proud to be a Public Governor at the Hospital Trust, as I have a keen interest in what happens in Halton.

I don’t represent the Hospital Trust, but I do provide a link between the Trust and the local community.

I care and listen to what the community says.

Experience in being a governor of 6 boroughs, I am capable of helping to improve the activities of the trust.

I have skills that will improve the foundation trust activities and the welfare of the patients. I have been a patient at both hospitals including the Brooker centre and feel that the processes the patients are going through now are laborious and incompetent and look forward to helping to improve the performance of the foundation on behalf of patients. My experience as a patient of the foundation: in 1979 I had a massive cardiac arrest, no blood to the brain for 4 minutes as a result of atrial fibrillation and I now suffering from heart failure, I have also been a patient in the Brooker centre in 2003 diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, in 2005 after going to Lourdes the hippocampus has cleared up but after it cleared up I was diagnosed with frontal lobal dementia, cardio vascular dementia. I have also got osteoarthritis and myopathy and I have seen a decline in the services from the time I first attended as a patient. I am concerned about the way the NHS is being privatised by stealth and look forward to facing the challenges that lie ahead.

Rest of England

Bio to follow.






Elected Staff Governors

There are five Staff Governors, elected by hospital staff and representing the five main staff groups at the hospitals.

Medical - Akash Ganguly, Consultant Radiologist
Nursing and Midwifery - Jonathan Cliffe, Midwifery Team Leader
Staff Support - Vacant
Clinical scientist or Allied Health Professional - Rachel Bold, Therapy Manager
Estates, Admin and Managerial - Gemma Leach, Head of Workforce Systems and Intelligence

All our elected Governors (staff and public) are part of our membership. Find out about becoming a member and what this means.

Delivering outstanding care requires compassionate care; delivered by the right person, at the right time and in the right place

For me, our hospital is more than just a place of work, It is the place where I was born, where I and my family have been treated, a place where my family have welcomed their babies and even where my loved ones have passed away peacefully. In many ways for most of us, our hospital is more than just a building. It is the contents of our building that lights up our town and continues to impact on our local population. This is our hospital. Currently I work as a midwifery team leader for maternity services. I know can bring to the role of governor my knowledge and experience from working within our hospital. Since joining in 2015, I have held leadership roles within midwifery and our corporate teams. Listening to staff has been a key element in these roles. In a previous role as the strategy engagement lead the art of listening expanded by engaging with staff from all areas of our hospital and external partners. Listening to the views and ideas of our staff can create an empowered workforce. In addition to being a associate member of the institute for leadership and management, I have postgraduate qualifications in leadership and governance. I am a member of the national maternity health and wellbeing working group and I conduct ambassadorial work for charities and midwifery retain and retention work

I will be the voice of our support staff who are the heart and backbone of the Trust

I joined WHH in September 2021, prior to which I worked within both a very large multi sited acute Trust and a small / medium sized Community and Mental Health Trust. I have also worked in the private sector within Healthcare technology, delivery of large scale sporting events (London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games) and construction which give me a breadth of experience in how different organisations operate. Besides being a member of staff here, I am also a patient of WHH giving me a lens from both angles in how we support our staff and deliver patient care. Having recently been diagnosed with a long-term health condition, I have joined the Disability Network to be an active member. I’m a strong ally within the LGBTQIA+ community and lead on the Trusts Inclusive recruitment programme supporting all the networks in the Trust and taking their guidance on how we can be better. I believe that people should be able to be their true and authentic self in the workplace, feel that they have a voice and are truly heard, and this is what I want to advocate for the role. Patient care comes from our workforce and I will be their voice on our Council of Governors

I am a consultant Radiologist working at Warrington & Halton Teaching Hospital. Born in India, I qualified as a doctor and moved to the UK in 2003. I studied Radiology and have been working at Warrington & Halton hospital initially as a junior doctor then as a consultant since 2011. I have been governance and specialty lead for Radiology, and have been involved in multiple quality improvement projects, audits, national surveys, and academic articles.  
I have been settled in Warrington with my family since 2008 and have been part of the Warrington community since then. As staff Governor, I believe I can contribute to the hospital and the community with my experience and expertise.  

Stakeholder/Partner Governors

Working alongside our elected Public and Staff Governors will be five Stakeholder Governors. These governors are nominated by organisations or sectors that we work closely with. They include the local Borough Councils, local commercial and voluntary sectors.

Vacant.png    Warrington Borough Council – To be confirmed

Cllr Chris Loftus.png     Halton Borough Council – Councillor Chris Loftus

Nichola Newton.png     Warrington and Vale Royal College – Nichola Newton

Kuldeep Singh Dhillon.png     Warrington Sikh Gurdwara - Kuldeep Singh-Dhillon

Education sector – currently vacant
Private sector – currently vacant