Council of Governors

Details of our Governors who represent public and staff at the Trust
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As an NHS Foundation Trust, we have a Council of Governors made up of elected public and staff governors and partner governors who represent local organisations that we work closely with.

The Council of Governors helps to hold the Trust to account to local people. They are involved in formulating strategy, monitoring performance and engaging with the public.

The Council of Governors help shape and endorse the future strategy of the Trust and provides a critical link between the Hospital Trust and the people that it serves within Warrington, Halton and other local areas - ensuring that local people input into decisions and plans for the hospitals.

Our Council of Governors is made up of the following representatives:

  • 19 Public Governors - elected by the public members and representing the local community
  • 5 Staff Governors - elected by our hospital staff members
  • 6 Partner Governors - nominated by organisations we work closely with in Warrington and Halton.
How the Council works

The Council of Governors meets formally four times a year in public and anyone can attend to listen to the meeting. The meeting is Chaired by the Trust Chairman. At the meeting, the Governors receive the latest performance information and have the chance to analyse it and raise questions. The formal Public Council of Governors meeting programme is a small part of the Governors’ work in the Trust.

Governors observe the Board Committees which allows them to bring information and views to the main Council meeting. These Committees focus on a number of areas including quality in care, finance, people; and communications and membership. 

Governors also help us to formulate our annual strategic plan. They hold workshops and survey their members to ensure the plan is in line with public expectation.

They also carry out unannounced ward inspections across the Trust where they monitor standards of our care and talk to patients and staff.

You can access minutes and agendas of our council of governors meetings here

Register of Interests

Governors are required to comply with the Trust's Standards of Business Conduct and to declare interests that are relevant to the Council. All Governors should declare such interests on appointment and on any subsequent occasion that a conflict arises. Details of the Register of Interests are reviewed annually. To request a copy of the latest Register of Interests for the Council of Governors please contact  

Making contact

If you want to contact your Governor, please email with your query or with a request for them to contact you and tell us the area that you live in. You can also call us on 01925 66 2139.

Our Governors are happy to come and present, meet or liaise with any community organisation. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Full list of the elected Governors

Public Governors

There are currently 16 Public Governors representing our 5 constituencies of Warrington North, Warrington South, Runcorn, Widnes and the Rest of England. Each governor is from - and is elected by - the Membership who live in their Constituency.

Warrington North – 5 seats

  • Norman Holding – Lead Governor 
  • Keith Bland
  • Colin Jenkins
  • Anne Robinson
  • Kerry Moloney

Warrington South – 5 seats

  • Janice Howe
  • Sue Fitzpatrick
  • Paul Bradshaw
  • Susan Hoolachan
  • Nigel Richardson

Runcorn – 4 seats

  • Linda Mills
  • Dave Marshall
  • John Fagan
  • Nathan Fitzpatrick

Widnes – 4 seats – 3 currently vacant

  • Colin McKenzie

Rest of England – 1 seat

  • Kevin Keith
Staff Governors

There are five Staff Governors, elected by hospital staff and representing the five main staff groups at the hospitals.

  • Medical - Akash Ganguly (Consultant Radiologist)
  • Nursing and Midwifery - Lesley Mills (Consultant Nurse in Diabetes)
  • Staff Support - Julie Astbury (Assistant Practitioner Physiotherapy)
  • Clinical scientist or Allied Health Professional - Louise Spence (Specialist Speech Therapist)
  • Estates, Admin and Managerial - Dan Birtwistle (Deputy Head of Contracts & Performance)
Stakeholder Governors

Working alongside our elected Public and Staff Governors will be five Stakeholder Governors. These governors are nominated by organisations or sectors that we work closely with. They include the local Borough Councils, local commercial and voluntary sectors.

  • Warrington Borough Council – Councillor Paul Warburton
  • Halton Borough Council – TBC
  • University of Chester - Currently vacant
  • Warrington + Vale Royal College – Nichola Newton
  • Warrington Sikh Gurdwara - Kuldeep Singh-Dhillon