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Staff uniforms

Guide on some of our uniforms to help you identify different staff members.

Whilst you are visiting hospital you may meet several different members of staff involved in your care. From nurses through to phlebotomists, each staff member has a different role in the health care team at the trust and wears a different uniform.

You can find a guide to most of our uniforms on this page to help you identify each staff member.

Nursing and midwifery staff

Image of Matron Uniform


The senior nurse who usually looks after a group of wards or departments.

Image of assistant matron

Assistant Matron

Assistant matrons support matrons in the larger areas of the trust.

Image of sister/ward manager uniform

Sister/Ward Manager

The lead nurse in a particular ward or department.

Image of patient flow team uniform

Patient Flow Team

The patient flow team ensure you have a bed on the right ward when you need it.

Image of senior nurse clinician uniform

Senior Nurse Clinician

Senior nurse clinicians have extra training to carry out particular tasks.

Image of nurse specialist uniform

Nurse Specialist

Nurse specialists are expert nurses for particular diseases and conditions.

Image of midwife uniform


Midwives provide our obstetrics (maternity) services.

Image of staff nurse uniform

Staff Nurse

Staff nurses are qualified nurses on the wards and in departments.

Image of nursing/health care assistant

Nursing/ Health Care Assistant

Health care assistants provide a key caring role on the wards.

Image of student nurse uniform

Nursing/ Health Care Assistant

Health care assistants provide a key caring role on the wards.

Therapy and support staff

Image of audiologist uniform


Audiologists provide hearing services in the hospitals and community.

Image of phlebotomist uniform
Image of radiographer uniform


Staff who provide our imaging services like ultrasound, X-ray, MRI and CT.

Image of Occupational Therapist uniform
Image of pharmacy uniform


Our pharmacy team on the ward support prescription and delivery of medicines.

Image of physiotherapists uniform


Phlebotomists provide blood tests and services on the wards and in clinics.

Occupational Therapists

 Our Occupational Therapists provide occupational therapy to patients.


Our physiotherapy team provide clinic services and on the wards.

Domestic and portering staff

Image of housekeeper uniform


Each ward has a housekeeper who is responsible for cleanliness on the ward and much more.

Image of domestic assistant uniform

Domestic Assistant

Domestic assistants provide our cleaning services on the wards.

Image of porter uniform


Porters play a key role in getting you from A to B and ensuing you are taken for tests/surgery.

Image of ward clerk uniform

Ward Clerk

The ward clerk is responsible for administration on the ward and booking you in.