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Media enquiries and experts

Make a media enquiry or find an expert spokesman on a topic.

All media enquiries and filming or photography requests should be made to the trust's communications team. We will do our best to help you and provide a speedy response to information you need.

For urgent out-of-hours media enquiries please call the switchboard on 01925 635 911 in the first instance. They will contact the communication on call service and provide a response. Please note that we can only respond to urgent media calls out of normal hours.

We try to be as amenable as possible to filming requests at the hospitals - please contact us to discuss the request.

Although the hospital is a publicly accessible building, photography and filming are not allowed without prior consent. The wards and department are private areas and filming and photography is not allowed without permission of all involved. Please just contact us in advance as if not, it often leads to action by security and even the police if unauthorised personnel are on site.

We have a large number of doctors, nurses and other professionals who are usually happy to talk to the media and act as experts/talking heads on their specialist topics. Many have done TV and radio work previously as part of their role promoting health and services. Please contact us as directed above to enquire about availability.

Our experts include:

  • Alcohol related illness and gastro conditions (Crohns/IBS) - Dr Subramanian Ramakrishnan, gastroenterologist
  • Anaesthesia - Mr Paul Scott, consultant anaesthetist
  • Bowel cancer - Mr Barry Taylor, consultant surgeon
  • Cardiology - Dr Ahmed Farag
  • Dementia care - Jane Green, consultant nurse for dementia
  • Frailty - Amanda Thomas, consultant nurse for frailty
  • Infection control - Lesley McKay, associate director of infection control
  • Ophthalmology - Mr Mark Halliwell, ophthalmic surgeon
  • Oral cancer - Mr Ian Edwards, oral surgeon
  • Sports injuries - Mr Curtis Robb and Mr Gareth Stables, orthopaedic surgeons

We also provide communications for our 4,100 staff across the hospitals. For enquiries about our internal newsletters and distributing information to hospital staff please contact:

It is possible to advertise to our staff through our intranet and staff publications. To discuss options and prices please contact us via WHH.Communications@nhs.net

During office hours contact details

The communications office is open between 8.30am and 4.30pm every working weekday. For media enquiries, please contact:

The Communications Team

email: whh.media@nhs.net

Tel: 01925 275249