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WHH is a Smoke Free site

We are a smoke free site

Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is a smoke free hospital site.

Smoking is not allowed on any part of Warrington or Halton hospital sites. This includes the grounds of the hospital as well as the buildings themselves.

Visitors, patients and staff found smoking on the site will politely be requested to put out their cigarettes. Please do not take offense at this - it is a decision made on sensible health grounds to keep our sites clear of smoke and as an NHS organisation we feel it is the right thing to do. If you wish to smoke whilst visiting you will need to leave the hospital grounds.

Banning smoking has led to a massive reduction in the number of smokers on site and a better environment for patients and visitors but we are aware that smoking outside some entrances is still a problem at times.

If you are a patient coming into hospital you can request smoking cessation advice and support to help you quit smoking. Please contact the ward staff for information. If you do wish to leave the ward and hospital site to smoke you must let the ward staff know who will advise if this is possible depending on your condition and treatment.

We hope you understand our decision to be smoke free and will support us in this work.