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Orthoptic Service for patients with additional needs

Our Service


Orthoptic departmet at Warrington Hospital provide a specialised eye care service for patients with additional needs (children and adults).

Specific clinics are held in the hospital, community and special needs schools across Warrington, Widnes and Halton to provide eye care in a suitable environment. 

Research has shown that up to 80% of children with additional needs may have associated visual difficulties.
‘People with learning disabilities in the UK are far more likely to have serious sight problems and less likely to have had a sight test – See ability ‘
The referral has been made to help maximise the patients visual potential.
This service is also here if the patient could not mange having an eye test at their high street Opticians due to their additional or complex needs.  

If the referrer documents on the referral that the patient has additional / complex needs, then arrangements and adjustments can and will be made by the team the patient to be seen on a clinic with specialty trained eye care professionals.
The patient could be seen by one or more of these eye care professionals.
Orthoptist: Is an allied health professional who has undertaken extensive training in the assessment and management of patients with additional needs.  Their vision and eye movements assessment can be completed on any patient no matter what their needs may be.
Optometrist: Is an eye care professional who can test and prescribe glasses.
Consultant  / Dr : Is a medical professional who will look at eye health and can prescribe medicine and do eye surgery .






Warrington Hospital




Child Development Centre


Halton Health Hub


Patient can bee seen in these locations and the clinics are set up for patients with additional needs


Frances Midgley - Advanced Orthoptist , Lead of the Orthoptic Service for patients with additional needs