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Medical Student Elective Placements at WHH

Welcome to our dedicated page designed to provide you with information about how to apply for an medical student elective placement at Warrington and Halton Hospitals Foundation Trust.
Our Trust currently welcomes 4th and 5th Year Medical Students and 1st Year and 2nd Year Physician Associates from the University of Liverpool.

Elective Students

At present we aren't accepting any overseas elective students for 2023.

We also take Year 4 (and above) Elective students who where born and studying in the EDU, the placements usually last for approx. 4 weeks during the summer months. The process for applying to come to Warrington and Halton Hospitals are:

  • Enquiry from applicant via university/consultant
  • Application is sent to the Sub Dean for approval/decline.
  • Approval:
  • Undergraduate team will send a suite of documents for the applicant to complete and return
  • All forms and evidence send for final approval to Sub Dean.
  • If yes, an offer letter will be sent to applicant and a date for starting confirmed.

Update on 2023 - we are only accepting Elective students from UK universities.

If you wish to enquire about an elective placement please contact:

The Undergraduate Education Team
Email: whh.medical.students@nhs.net
Telephone: 01925 662378

Please find below general FAQs – based on Imperial College – London

Q. Who can do an elective placement?

A. Only a final year medical student.

Q. How long can my elective placement last?

A. A maximum of 8 weeks in any specialty (with a max of 2 specialties per elective)

Q. I have a personal contact in the hospital; do I need to go through this process?

A. Yes, all students should complete appropriate documentation.

Q. What time of the year can I come?

A. For general medicine and surgery we would prefer elective students not to commence their placement during Induction Week of the University of Liverpool Students. These dates change from year to year.

Q. What specialties can the hospital offer?

A. We can offer elective placements in the full range of specialties.