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Leaving your feedback

Find ways in which you can leave your feedback.

Your feedback is really important to us.

Whether it is a thank you to a ward or department or an issue that you want to raise with us, there are several ways that you can leave us feedback on your experience at our hospitals. Feedback allows us to make improvements and share best practice.

Ways that you can leave feedback include the Friends and Family Test, the NHS Choices website and by emailing us directly. We'll tell you a bit about each service in this section.

Image of your experience matters poster

Your experience matters

Friends and Family Test (FFT)

FFT was introduced in 2013 to ask patients whether they would recommend hospital wards, A&E departments and maternity services to their friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment.

This feedback is still as important in 2020 as it was in 2013. However, the question that is asked has been changed so that we can really appreciate and understand what you think of our services.

How will I be able to provide the feedback?

When you are discharged from hospital or an attendance at an appointment, you may be asked by

  • Text
  • Automated phone message
  • Feedback card
  • Online

What will I be asked?

You will be asked to please help us improve our services by answering the following:

"Overall, how was your experience of our service?" and you will be invited to respond to the question by choosing one of six options, below:

  • Very good
  • Good
  • Neither good nor poor
  • Poor Very poor
  • Don’t know

It is important that you are given the opportunity to explain why you have given your answer, so please answer any follow-up questions.

“Please can you tell us why you gave your answer?” and

“Please tell us about anything that we could have done better?”

Do I have to give feedback?

No. Your answer is voluntary . But we are extremely grateful for your feedback as it provides valuable information to help ensure our patients have the best possible experience of care. If you receive the survey and you do not wish to take part, you can simply reply ‘STOP’ when you receive the text message or hang up when you receive the call.

If you do not want to be contacted for the Friends and Family Test then please inform a member of staff and we will ensure you are not contacted.

Do I have to pay for the text or voice message?

No. Responses are free. If you wish to find out more information please click on the link here.

Will you know it was me who provided the feedback?

No - Your answer will not be traced back to you and your details will not be passed on to anyone. It is completely anonymous. If you do want to discuss your care please do that by talking to the member of staff caring for you. All of the feedback is collected independently and reports are produced for each ward as well as the Trust.

What do you do with the feedback you get?

We will gather the results and analyse them to see where we can make improvements or explore your suggestions further. If your comments are complimentary we will of course pass on your praise to the staff that cared for you. Our Matrons and Ward Managers will also receive a full copy of the feedback for their specific ward, service or department to enable them to discuss and share with the rest of the team and take the appropriate action if required.

Your feedback will be combined with that of other patients to create an overall score for the particular ward, service area or department. This is the score which is published on the NHS England website every month. Results are published nationally each month and you can view them in our transparency section of the website here.

If you would prefer to give your feedback at a later stage you can follow this link online - http://ratenhs.uk/04oKBI or scan the QR code below.

FFT QR code.png

choicesandopinionlogo.pngNHS Choices

You can also leave feedback on the NHS Choices website. NHS Choices is a national website for the NHS that complements hospital websites like ours. It provides services profiles and also allows you to leave comments and a star rating on your experience in hospital.

You can view our pages and access the feedback service on NHS Choices here for:

NHS Choices also features a range of health news, advice on conditions and other useful information about your health and the NHS.

CQC-Logo%281%29.jpgCQC share your experience form

You can also send feedback to the healthcare regulator the Care Quality Commission. The CQC also use feedback from NHS Choices, Patient Opinion and other sources.

Click here to access the CQC share your experience form

General feedback you want us to pass on

General comments, thank yous and questions can be emailed to us at whh.patient.experience@nhs.net They can also be passed on to any member of staff or addressed to the chief executive to the trust.

We would like to know what was good about your hospital stay as well as what could be improved and will pass on all feedback to the relevant ward or department. This helps us to improve the services that we provide.