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Jennifer and James Robinson

Being part of a WHH family

People often say that working at WHH is like 'being part of a family' and we have multiple members of some families working with us.

James and Jennifer Robinson have both found jobs they enjoy in the NHS.

Jennifer works as an Outreach and Evidence Specialist and is the front face of the WHH Knowledge and Evidence Service library where she assists colleagues in accessing evidence and research to support improvements in patient care. James is often the first person people speak to on their visit to Warrington Hospital and he finds helping patients and visitors to be really rewarding work.

Jennifer joined the NHS in 2019 as a medical records clerk, but when COVID-19 hit she was faced, like many, with the challenge of having to take on a new role in uncertain times to support the pandemic response.

She describes herself as having ‘dived headfirst’ into the challenge in the Trust’s Knowledge and Evidence Service in 2020 and hasn’t looked back. As an outreach and evidence specialist she works in the Trust’s library supporting colleagues from all clinical and professional disciplines to access resources. She also provides training in techniques to search and evaluate the latest research findings to make a positive difference to patient care.

Jennifer says: “The NHS truly values career development. With its vast array of roles and opportunities, it is the perfect place to explore different career paths and pursue your goals with passion and dedication. I, personally, have witnessed how the NHS offers ample training to allow staff to grow and excel in their chosen fields and I have been fortunate to progress from completing a Level 3 apprenticeship to now pursuing my Masters degree.”

Given Jennifer’s enthusiasm, it really was only a matter of time before husband James followed in her footsteps. In 2022 James was working night shifts on a hotel reception. After being encouraged by Jennifer to apply, James was successful in gaining a role as a patient experience and inclusion assistant. 

He is the friendly face many patients and visitors may see on the Warrington Hospital welcome desk. Often ably supported by a team of fantastic WHH volunteers James helps patients with queries about how to find wards and departments in the hospital and may organise wheelchairs for those who need them.

He says: “It’s genuinely rewarding to work within the NHS and no two days are the same. The people you work with make the job and working here at the Trust is brilliant. I feel my role makes a difference to everyone I come into contact with and I like to help people every day.” 

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