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Patient Stories

At the age of 15, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Osteoblastic Osteosarcoma Bone Cancer. During this time i was scanned and they found two more tumors. After a few rounds of chemotherapy, burns, and allergic reactions, I had a knee replacement to take the tumor out. After testing we found out that my cancer was still malignant and the chemotherapy did not work.

The NHS Alder Hey hospital went above and beyond to find treatment paths for my unknown case as it had never been heard of being allergic to chemotherapy and the chemotherapy not working.

My care team and Professor rang countries around the world for me determined not to give up on me. They liaised with another professor in New York and a new treatment plan was made for me. After I started this I responded well to treatment and my medications were working better.

Overall I had a total of 19 operations, spent more than 380 nights in hospital, had 64 rounds of chemotherapy lasting 3 weeks each cycle and had an extended treatment time from 9-18 months.

The team in WHH's physiotherapy department was amazing in dealing with all of my rehabilitation from my cancer treatment going from a part-time wheelchair user to walking full-time. I visited the department for about a year and a half which enabled me to have confidence and gain independence back in my life. I am now 5 years in remission and 21 years old.

I have all my qualifications after returning to college and completed an apprenticeship. I am now emplyed with Warrington Disability Partnership sharing my lived experience with others and channeling that into helping other young people on a journey. The care team have been absolutley amazing i was so lucky to meet the people i did, they was determined not to give up on me and i survived.

A big thank you to all NHS workers you are absolutley amazing each and every one of you!

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During Treatment
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Finishing Treatment
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Ellen currently


The NHS has been there when my kids where born and both times I recieved great care. Recently my Grandpa died in WHH, the ward and palliative team were very supportive - my son suffered  with bronciolitis and also had an anyphylaxis as a baby, both times treated in WHH hospital. Every broken bone and planned eye operation has been treated well with great care - I am also a proud member of the nhs for 30 years.  We need to keep our NHS - its the backbone of this country, that keeps health care fair for all.

To me, the NHS exists to educate everyone about disease prevention, healthy lifestyles and to strengthen pro-health attitudes for all patients (regardless of race, origin, sexual orientation, political views or material status etc). 

Warrington Hospital is a place where I can get help anytime - knowing that support is there all day, every day, gives me emotional comfort and a sense of security.

Over the last 10 years in Warrington I've met many great people, at many levels of the Hospital. I've been under the care of several specialists for several years, and I sincerely appreciate their knowledge, experience and compassion. I've always felt my dignity has been respected, and have always been treated fairly and without discrimination during my care and hospital stays. I always receive support and understanding, kind words and help that I need. I don't know where else I could get advice and help in the event of an accident or other kind of health or life-threatening illness without the NHS. It's a really valuable resource for everyone - we literally couldn't live without it!

I owe my life to the wonderful doctors and nurses at Warrington, if it wasn’t for them and the wonderful way they looked after me during covid, I wouldn’t be here now! I was in an induced coma for 15 days (I was actually the first person to come off a ventilator alive in Warrington) I spent a total of 5 weeks in the hospital and received the best care from everyone who looked after me they went above and beyond!

My Wife trained as a nurse at Warrington Infirmary, she worked in Theatre when she qualified before leaving to work in Rhyl before we married. She worked in the Charnley Howarth special Theatre for Hip replacements.

In December, 2016, I was successfully operated on in respect of a colon cancer.  In June, 2017, after feeling unwell, but unable to pinpoint a cause, I received emergency surgery to rectify a strangulated hernia.  During my operation I suffered a cardiac arrest.  Following successful resuscitation the operation was completed and I then spent a period of time in intensive care in an induced coma.
All of my treatments were on the NHS, for which I am and will be forever grateful. I can still remember the names of the Consultants and Nursing Staff who were mainly responsible for my treatments and can never thank them enough.

The NHS is the reason I'm alive, I died multiple times as a child due to stopping breathing in asthma attacks, I had lung problems due to having a seriously deformed chest bone and if it wasn't for the NHS I wouldn't of been able to have the surgery to correct it which saved my life. When I was pregnant I had severe pre eclampsia which led to me being told that I had 24 hours to live and the baby had at the most 48 hours. The staff were absolutely amazing and my daughter was delivered five weeks early and has survived fourteen years with no health issues from being premature. Then none years ago I had a stroke and it was the fabulous staff at Warrington hospital that yet again saved my life, to me without the NHS and it's amazing life saving staff I wouldn't be able alive today. They have done many things over my lifetime that have not only kept me alive but also my daughter. I really don't know where I would be without them.

The NHS is a wonderful asset to the UK, it takes away affordability barriers so everyone is able to access quality healthcare regardless of income or status and I am proud that we have it.

I hade a 30 week premature baby weighing 1lb 12oz.

Without the expertise , dedicated, committed, of the delivery suit, consultant and the SCBU team,myself and my daughter would not be here today.

I had eclampsia which resulted in my daughter being born very small for her gestation and despite 59 days in SCBU my bundle of joy is happy and healthy sitting her GCSE exams.

Her being an intense teenager i cannot confirm she is always a bundle of joy, but she is most certainly a gift being a fertility Clomid baby.

For ever In gratitude of the NHS.

The nhs means a lot to me because firstly I have family members that are apart of it and they work so hard. Secondly is because I've not long come out of (Warrington) hospital after being in for a month and the nurses/doctors actually saved my life.

I have worked in the NHS for almost 39 years, and I still love my job.

I have also been a patient and I was very cared for when I had breast cancer. I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the NHS.

Long live the NHS!

The NHS has played a big part in mine and my families lives. I have had many operations and treatment for my eye condition, since I  was  a baby. My Mum is a cancer survivor and received excellent care from the Delamere Centre in Runcorn as well as a successful knee replacement operation in the Captain Sir Tom Moore  building in Runcorn. The NHS do remarkable work and without them, my life and my families lives would be very different. A huge thank you to everyone who  works tirelessly to keep it running. They are all heroes.

The NHS means care, support, love, compassion and dignity. It means looking beyond a persons means and status and seeing the person themselves. It is healing of broken bones and healing of broken hearts, it is meeting us for the first time and saying goodbye the last time. It is the single most amazing, brilliant and beautiful thing this country has produced. I have been a Staff Member and Patient at Warrington Hospital and I have worked with some amazing people and have been treated by people who are giving their all for a system that is being slowly eroded. I would defend it to the end.

The NHS is fundamental to my core beliefs and very being. Its creation was a benevolent act of 'Social Capitalism' modelled on what had been achieved not by government or captains of industry, but by the collaboration of Welsh mining communities. It is the true jewel in the crown of the United Kingdom and has been a template for many other nations.

Not only has the NHS treated my family and friends, and also myself since I was born six decades ago, but has also been a place of my employment, education and development. Long before I became a health professional I had undertaken lots of voluntary work in the NHS too, both the physical and mental health sections.

I was brought into the world at the old Royal Liverpool Infirmary on Pembroke Place in 1962. Just four years later, that same hospital saved the life of my mother who had throat cancer, with careful surgery and the use of the then-new treatment of radiotherapy.

As an active city-kid, I was forever having bumps and scrapes and twice burnt my hands. Mertyle Street Children's hospital became my home from home. I also received all my childhood inoculations there. They have kept me free from disease and helped aided my longevity.

The staff of many other NHS facilities throughout the UK have treated me over the last six decades. For all of that, I am eternally grateful.

My family, friends, work colleagues and I owe the NHS so very much, and maybe this is why I gave back so much as a volunteer, employee and Trust Governor. Thank you, NHS.

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Radio Napoli
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John Richards in scrubs
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The Media Factory


I really value our NHS, and as a cancer survivor i really appreciate all the Doctors and nurses that saved my life. I have also been in Warrington Hospital last year for 5 days where i was treated with great dignity respect and care. The staff were amazing