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Zero Carbon Cardiology Patient

Innovative Pilot Project launched by Warrington & Halton’s Cardiology Department
  • Air pollution contributes more to global morbidity and mortality than all other known environmental risk factors combined.
  • Moreover, climate change with its devastating consequences is closely interlinked to air pollution.
  •  As the largest public sector employer in the UK the NHS contributes 4-5% of the UK’s carbon emissions.

Dr Ahmed Farag, Interventional Cardiologist and Clinical lead developed the ‘Zero Carbon Cardiology Patient’ pilot to demonstrate how the Cardiology department in Warrington & Halton Hospitals aims to calculate, mitigate, and indeed offset the carbon consumption associated with patients' diagnosis and treatment journey.

By selecting and supporting a small cohort of Cardiology out-patients, and the staff looking after them, the pilot aims to map their journeys through referral, diagnostics to treatment and discharge. These patients will be recruited through Warrington & Halton Hospital’s ‘Experts by Experience’ platform and supported throughout the 12-week pilot.

The team will work with community partners, such as The Environment Agency and the Forestry Commission, to calculate, reduce and offset the carbon emissions resulting from staff and patient pathways by various means including planting trees on both the Warrington & Halton sites.

Dr Farag adds, “This is a really exciting project and the tip of the iceberg in terms of our ‘Green Plan’. The project is part of the Trust’s Green Plan which will act as the framework for the implementation of sustainability strategies including reducing carbon emissions, reducing its contribution to air pollution and reducing waste."

An event to mark the offset of the carbon emissions recorded will see a tree planted by HM Lord-Lieutenant at each of the hospital sites as a mark of commitment by the Trust to work towards its targets and to honour the HM The Queen’s ‘Green Canopy’ for her Platinum Jubilee.

Patients who would like to take part should contact 01925 635911 and ask for ext: 5981 or email whh.engagement@nhs.net