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Thank you for 20 years: Filipino nurses celebrate continued service to WHH

On 11th July 2002, our second recruitment group of nurses arrived from the Philippines. Fast forward 20 years and eight have stayed at WHH, whilst many of their colleagues have remained in the area working in the NHS.

We thank Jannet (A2), Queenie (A1). Dolly (A7), Emily (ICU), Arlene (ICU), Leah (CSTM), Terry (A8) and Theresa (ACCU) for their NHS service.

They would like to share this message with their colleagues at WHH.

" So much has happened in the last 20 years, it has never been an easy and straightforward path. It has brought us joy, but also sadness. We have all encountered both exciting and challenging experiences, which uncovered and honed even more our knowledge and skills as nurses.

“We just want to say a massive thank you to all our mentors and colleagues in WHH for teaching us the necessary steps that yielded us in achieving our goals. For helping us adapt in UK's way of life, which we consider our second home. Thank you for your words and promises, the encouragements, that became our weapon throughout this journey. Above all, to our almighty God for making all this possible. Happy 20 years to us, Cheers!!”

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