Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospitals are holding an event to help patients, the community and staff to look after their heart health on the 4th March 2020.
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The lifestyle event is being held from 4.30pm-6.30pm at the Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub, Jubilee Way, Warrington and will give people the information that they need to look after their heart.

Our Consultant Cardiologist, Dr Ahmed Farag, will explain the small steps that people can take to make a difference to their heart health.  Registered Dietician Dr Tom Butler, University of Chester will give advice and tips on the importance of diet and nutrition in looking after your heart Visitors will also be able to talk to a Smoking Cessation advisor for information about services and get advice on how to take steps towards stopping smoking.

Guests that attend will also be able to have an Atrial Fibrillation test which records the rate and rhythm of the heart. Refreshments will be served and there is FREE parking at the Hub.

Consultant Cardiologist, Ahmed Farag, Warrington and Halton Hospital said: “We hope that people will come along to this event to get more information about the small changes that they can make to look after their heart. There is lots of support out there to help people make a difference to their own lives and avoid having to meet people like me at some point in the future!”

Social media will also highlight the ways to look after your heart including stopping smoking, moving more, eating well and knowing your blood pressure and what has an impact on it. Short films and tips from Dr Farag are currently appearing along with recipes and facts around heart disease.

Dr Farag is also the innovative lead on ‘Smart Heart’ which is a programme targeting Primary school children across the region. He delivers regular fun and interactive presentations to students encouraging them to grow up to look after their heart. To date over 4300 children have listened to his talks and designed posters to encourage others to look after themselves. Some of the posters will be on display throughout the month in the main entrance of Warrington Hospital.

There are over seven million people in the UK living with cardiovascular disease, which includes heart attack and stroke and many of the contributing factors are lifestyle choices. People are also encouraged to the Take the One You Heart Age Test here. It takes less than three minutes and will let them know how old their heart is in comparison to their age!

To book to attend the 4th March event please email: or book on Eventbrite Guests are also welcome to call in too. Visitors should advise if they have any additional needs or requirements to support to them to attend this event.