Rehabilitation Unit - Halton

The Rehabilitation Unit provides a comprehensive outpatient occupational therapy and physiotherapy assessment and treatment service.
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If you have been given an outpatient appointment at the hospitals and are unable to attend for whatever reason you can use the form below.

It is really important that you let us know of any changes as soon as possible. This means we can offer the original appointment to another patient.

Please complete the form below with your contact details and as much information as possible. You can find most of the information we need on your appointment letter.

If you have any problems using this form, please call the number on your appointment letter and we will do our best to help you. You will receive a response from us so you know it has been received and actioned.

If you wish to change the date and time of your appointment you, you can click the re-book option and state any dates that are not suitable for you, or you can contact us using the number on your appointment letter.

Our therapists assess the physical, cognitive, perceptual and psychosocial needs of the patients. The team also involve carers and/or family in the assessment process so that their opinions and needs can be addressed. From this, individual patient-centred plans are developed in collaboration with the patient and carer. Goals are discussed with the patient which are included in the treatment plan. Advice and education are central to the rehabilitative process and the benefits of self-management are highlighted to the patient and carer. Patients are provided with a home programme to maximise their mobility and function, this is then augmented through a range of therapeutic activities to address the identified problems and goals.

Activities frequently used include:

  • Specific neurotherapy to improve movement, balance and function
  • Use of the gym
  • Relaxation
  • Group activities (allotment, woodwork, balance class)
  • Relief of pain due to chronic neurological conditions, including the use of Acupuncture
  • Nintendo Wii system
Services Provided

Our therapists at the Rehabilitation Unit provide the following services:

  • Rehabilitation for adult neurological conditions (including stroke, MS, head injury, Parkinson's Disease, CNS Tumours, Cerebral Palsy, Guillain Barre etc.)
  • Outpatient amputee rehabilitation (prosthetic limb users)
  • Driving screening assessments
  • Splinting for neurological conditions
  • Outpatient post breast cancer surgery rehabilitation
  • Palliative care occupational therapy (community based)
Our Team
  • Gill Aspinall - Occupational Therapist
  • Mary Chawner - Palliative Occupational Therapist
  • Mary Rowland - Physiotherapist
  • Sian Evans - Physiotherapist
Clinic Scheduling
Outpatient Rehabilitation
  • Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm, at Halton Hospital with an Occupational Therapist and a Physiotherapist
Palliative Occupational Therapy
  • Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm, domiciliary visits only with an Occupational Therapist
Referral Guidance

To access the Rehabilitation Unit's referral form please click here. Please include as much information as possible on the referral form including past medical history, medication, social history, potential risk factors and the specific reason for referral.

Patients that are being referred into the outpatient rehabilitation service must be medically well enough to attend the Rehabilitation Unit, taking into consideration any travelling time.

To access the Rehabilitation Unit's Patient Information Leaflet please click here.

Where to Find Us

Rehabilitation Unit
Halton General Hospital
Hospital Way

Contact Us

To contact the Rehabilitation Unit please use the following contact numbers:

  • 01928 753236
  • 01928 753571

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The Nightingale Building (formerly known as Halton Hospital)