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Maternity Continuity of Care - Change to RecordingPractice

Change to midwife-patient interaction recording practice to comply with NHS England’s Better Births recommendations on continuity of care -  from Monday 18th July 2019.


Midwives currently complete the patient’s green notes and enter information into EMIS at both GP practices and Children’s Centres.  We are now required by NHS England to capture and submit data on ALL interactions from ante-natal through labour/birth and all post-natal care.  The only way we are able to do this is by recording all interactions on a single source which is our electronic patient record system Lorenzo.


We therefore plan to discontinue the use of EMIS during consultations from 18th July, instead midwives will complete the green notes as usual, record all data in Lorenzo and hand in a single sheet to the GP practice at the end of each session notifying of all patients seen, their blood pressure reading and the next appointment which will have been booked simultaneously on Lorenzo.


We do not believe that this change will create any significant burden on GP practices and the midwife remains available throughout visits to chat to GPs/practice managers about any patients or specific concerns.  Indeed the practice of women having to book their next midwife appointment through the GP practice will cease at the same time therefore reducing burden on reception/systems.


I know you will understand that the risk of error increases each time we have to transcribe patient information and therefore the it is not practical, nor time efficient, to simultaneously use two different digital recording platforms  in addition to the green notes.


A more detailed briefing paper is attached for your information, meanwhile our senior midwives are visiting practices to share this information and change in practice with colleagues.