When we screen

We screen at a number of convenient places across Warrington, Halton, St Helens and Knowsley. Find out where.
Requesting or changing your appointment

Request/change appointment form

As some ladies screening appointments are overdue, please note we are currently offering evening appointments at The Breast Care Centre, The Captain Sir Tom Moore Building, Halton and the Burney Breast Unit, St Helens Hospital




This appointment request form is ONLY for:

a) Women who have received an invitation to attend for screening under the NHS Breast Screening Programme and wish to arrange or rearrange an appointment. 

b) Women who have missed an NHS Breast Screening appointment and would like to request a new appointment. 


IMPORTANT: Women under the age of 50 will not be sent an appointment if they submit this request form. If you are concerned about any breast symptoms please make an appointment to see your GP as soon as possible and your GP will refer you to the appropriate clinic if necessary.


Please note that whilst we try to offer a wide range of dates and times we do not screen on every day at each location. We will try to book you an appointment as near as possible to the dates and times requested

Request/change appointment form


Contact Form

Make an enquiry
Screening is organised according to where you live or by your GP practice. Once every three years your GP practice will be contacted and all women eligible for screening will be invited.

You do not have to contact us to make an appointment, we will ensure that you receive your invitation at the appropriate time. The screening programme aims to invite all women aged 50 up to their 71st birthday for breast screening once every three years.  Women over the age of 71 will not be sent an invitation but are encouraged to call the unit to make an appointment that suits them.  

If you would like to know whether you will be invited soon you can look at the screening schedule at the bottom of this page. If it has been over three years since your last breast screening appointment then please contact us.

We have a range of different locations where you can be screened and a range of appointment dates and times. We try to invite you to a screening clinic that is convenient for most women at your GP practice. We appreciate that this may not always suit everyone.

Some ladies will receive an invitation letter asking them to call the Breast Screening Unit to book an appointment at one of our locations at a date and time convenient to them.  Alternatively, some ladies will receive an invitation letter with a specific screening location, appointment date and time already allocated.  If you find this appointment inconvenient then please complete the appointment request form so we can arrange an alternative location, date or time.

Not every woman will receive an appointment as soon as she is 50. You will receive your first appointment before your 53rd birthday and therefore there is no need to contact us for an appointment.

Currently screening:

Westbrook Medical Centre
301 Westbrook Centre


In progress (From May 2022)

Kendrick Wing, Warrington Hospital, Bath Street Health & Wellbeing Centre, Warrington and Captain Sir Tom Moore Building, Halton

Haydock Health Centre/Woodside Medical Centre
Woodside Healthcare Centre, Haydock
St Helens, WA11 0NA

In progress (From May 2022)

Burney Breast Unit, St Helens Hospital

Fir Park Medical Centre
Upton Rocks


In progress (From May 2022)


Mobile Unit at Highfield Hospital, Widnes, Burney Breast Unit, St Helens Hospital and The Captain Sir Tom Moore Building, Halton 


Practices next to be invited for screening:

  • Parkview Medical Centre, Warrington
  • Helsby Health Centre, Frodsham