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Our New Hospitals

We want to build a new hospital in Warrington and extend our existing hospital at Runcorn, Halton


We believe our new hospitals scheme is unique because it’s more than bricks and mortar…

We believe our new hospitals scheme is unique because it’s more than bricks and mortar. Our new hospitals programme will support the regeneration of Warrington and Runcorn by tackling health inequalities, deprivation and supporting new growth, development and prosperity of these communities. 

The town of Warrington has outgrown its hospital, with estate designed for urgent and emergency care provision of the 1970s serving one of the fastest growing populations in the North of England.  By fully moving our planned care to an extended, premium planned care site at Halton we can do more in purpose-built, future-proofed facilities in Warrington.

Until then, we are making the most of our ageing estate and facilities to ensure the people of Warrington and Halton can access the very best care and support when they need it.

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  • Future-proofed buildings enabling us to work more effectively and efficiently with others
    • Reduced waiting times for diagnostics and procedures 
    • Only the sickest and most needy treated in hospital
  • Major infrastructure developments enable much needed growth in both Runcorn and Warrington town centres                                                                                                    space
  • Direct support to the community of Halton Lea by being a community resource for wellbeing and prevention directed at those who need it most                                    space
  • Much needed land released for the creation of around 450 new homes in prime locations                                                                                                                    space
  • Carbon neutral healthcare services accessed by green travel infrastructure
    • Local access to services for some of the most disadvantaged communities
    • Reduced traffic, adequate patient and staff parking
  • Slowed growth in the numbers claiming unemployment benefit
    • Access to multi-professional NHS education, training and employment
    • More job opportunities in nearby retail and entertainment businesses
  • £5 returned for every £1 invested
    • A dramatic reduction in the £multi-millions spent on annual maintenance costs keeping old estate safe and compliant
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