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The Trust has introduced My Choice© an affordable self-pay service to enable access for patients denied NHS procedures classified by commissioners to be ‘Low Clinical Priority’ (PLCPs).
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What is My Choice©?

The Trust has introduced My Choice©  an affordable self-pay service to enable access for patients denied NHS procedures classified by commissioners to be ‘Low Clinical Priority’ (PLCPs).

My Choice© enables patients to pay (self-fund) to have these procedures undertaken at Halton General, CMTC or Warrington hospitals at the local NHS price. 


Originally created in 2013 to enable patients denied varicose vein procedures, the service has been significantly extended to include the large number of procedures no longer available on the NHS (PLCPs).  As well as enabling affordable, convenient access for our patients, this will enable the Trust to make use of spare capacity and will generate additional income for the hospitals.

My Choice©  is not a private patients service, and all procedures are carried out as part of the Trust’s normal elective programme. We are unable to guarantee single rooms and patients will have to wait to be seen as if they were  regular NHS patients.  The major benefit is access to outstanding NHS treatments and care at a fraction of the cost of those undertaken by private providers. 


My Choice flyer - view here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is My Choice?

The My Choice service allows patients to pay (self-fund) to have procedures that have been classified as Procedures of Low Clinical Priority (PLCP) by Commissioners.  WHH My Choice allows patients to access these procedures at Warrington and Halton Hospitals (either Halton or Warrington sites) at the local NHS price.


Q. Is it a Private Patients Service?

No. My Choice patients are treated as part of the Trust’s normal planned procedures programme.  Patients are scheduled into available slots on existing theatre lists and, after being referred, are treated exactly the same as NHS Patients. 


Q. Why can’t I have these treatments on the NHS?

Your clinical commissioning group has a policy on Procedures of Low Clinical Priority, of which your procedure is included.  You can access this policy or read more about PLCPs here: and search for PLCP.  



Q. Will I be prioritised for my treatment?

Patients will have to wait for their treatments just like an NHS patient, there is no ‘queue jumping’ or private rooms or services.   


Q. Is it a new service?

We first offered My Choice service in 2013, now we are relaunching with many additional treatments added.


Q. Why should I choose to have a My Choice procedure?

My Choice is offered By the NHS, For the NHS giving patients an affordable choice at their chosen NHS provider.  Income is returned back to the clinical services providing the treatments therefore further benefiting the NHS for everyone.

The Trust has a proven track record in delivering outstanding elective care at Halton General and the Cheshire and Merseyside Treatment Centre (CMTC) CMTC hospitals and is consistently rated 4.5-5* by patients.



Q. How do I book?

Contact the Chargeable Patients Officer on 01925 662711 who will guide you through the entire process.  You will still need a referral from your GP.


Q. Will I have to pay a fee to my consultant?

No, everything is included in the price and the income is reinvested in the clinical services for the benefit of the NHS for everyone – By the NHS, For the NHS.


Q. Can I just have a consultation?

Yes, you can meet your surgeon and discuss your options which may help you reach a final decision.  See consultation fees on our My Choice price list.


Q. Do I have to have a pre-op?

Yes, just like any patient we will carry out all necessary checks to ensure it is safe for you to have your procedure.


Q. Can I have visitors?

Yes, just like any NHS patient.


Q. Is there a payment plan or financing plan available?

Unfortunately we do not offer these options as an NHS provider.  The fee is payable in full prior to your admission to hospital.


Q. What if I am not happy with the results of my procedure? How do I make a complaint?

We hope you will be very happy with your treatment, however do please contact the Chargeable Patients Office in the first instance who will try to resolve any issues for you.  To make a formal complaint please see our website under the ‘Feedback’ section on how to take this forward.  


Q. Do I get my consultation fee back if I decide not to go ahead with the procedure or if the Consultant says the procedure is not appropriate?

If you do go ahead then the cost of the consultation will be refunded against your final fee. 

If you change your mind about the procedure we regret we cannot refund your consultation fee. 


Q. Can my operation be cancelled on or before the day for a non-clinical reason?

             In rare circumstances, such as your consultant being unwell or there is no available bed to admit you and we have to cancel your procedure then we will reschedule your procedure.  If you are unwell or unable to attend for your procedure you will be advised at your pre-op on how to let us know as soon as possible.


What procedures can I access?

We offer a large number of procedures formerly available on the NHS.  Please see the below list.  If you do not see the procedure you want then contact our Chargeable Patients Officer on please contact 01925 662711 or email:

Procedure and price list - view here.

How much will my treatment Cost?

Please see our indicative price list, a firm price will be provided once you have your consultation.


Price list - click here.

What is the CCG’s Policy on Procedures of Low Clinical Priority?

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