Construction update for Emergency Department Plaza extension

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Emergency Department Plaza development – keeping you up to date with our latest improvement to Warrington Hospital

A major new extension of Warrington Hospital’s Emergency Department, which significantly increases patient assessment capacity, has now broken ground on and work is underway.

The £6.3m project will enable one of the North West’s busiest Accident and Emergency centres to continue to manage the rising number of emergency ward admissions. The ground floor of the 1170sqm extension will be exclusively designed for patient care, with hot clinics, assessment areas, triage space, ambulatory care and GP streaming service among the services to be offered in the new space. 

The second floor of the extension will house all staff break areas and administrative equipment that currently takes significant space out of the existing Emergency Department capacity.

The work will be carried out by Tilbury Douglas Construction, specialists in health care construction. The construction project will have a number of phases, with mitigations put in place to minimise disruption to patients, staff and the local community. Noise levels will be monitored regularly, but there will be some occasions when the works may be audible to patients and staff in the existing Emergency Department.

Currently there are no plans to close the internal site road that runs parallel to the existing Emergency Department, but if circumstances require a closure that will be communicated in detail to patients, staff and the local community. Ambulance access to the site will not be affected.

The main entrance to the orthopaedics unit will be closed during construction, but visiting patients and staff will be able to access the unit through the Burtonwood Wing Entrance.

Although we will ensure any changes to the project are communicated through our social channels, we suggest you regularly visit this page for up to date information.

March 2022 - Update

The £5.6m project to extend the Emergency Department is on track for its May delivery date. However, to speed up the construction programme – potentially saving one week of construction time – and to ensure health and safety for site operators, the temporary road closure adjacent to the site will be extended until the project is complete.

A new pedestrian footpath has been opened alongside the construction site to enable staff, patients and visitors outside access through the site – previously there was no through access available outside the new Emergency Department extension.

The pedestrian footpath has been designed to offer safe passage through the site. The pathway is fully illuminated, and has emergency lighting in case of power cuts.

13th December 2021 - Road works update

To enable essential engineering works at the ED Plaza construction site, there will be a number of changes to the road network around the Warrington Hospital estate.

From 13 December, the existing one-way section of road leading to the Lovely Lane entrance, which is adjacent to the Emergency Department, will be closed to all traffic. Access to the Emergency Department for ambulance and other emergency services vehicles will still be accessible from the Lovely Lane entrance as normal.

The one-way section of road at the rear of the estate will be temporary two-way traffic to exit the site; a number of temporary traffic lights will enable circular flow around the multi-storey car park to allow access to the Guardian Street exit as well as the new two-way system to the Lovely Lane exit.

The map shows the new two-way system; the route in yellow marks the new direction of travel on the Warrington site. The area marked in red allows two way traffic but will be controlled by temporary traffic lights to enable one direction of travel at a time. The areas marked in blue are for one way traffic (in the direction of the arrows) only. All routes will be thoroughly signposted throughout the estate.

There will be some disruption from these changes but all effort has been made – and will be made during the temporary period to make it as painless for staff, patients and visitors to get into and out of the Warrington site.

Patients and visitors will mostly be unaffected by the temporary changes as the main car park remains as normal; however it may impact on some patients and visitors accessing services in Croft Wing as they will have to follow the new road layout. A comprehensive communications campaign, including on-site posters, road signage and social media posts, will keep patients and visitors informed.


Warrington hospital temp traffic control.png

Download a larger version of our hospital road map here. 


18 November 2021 - update

Over the weekend of 20/21 November, contractors will be demolishing the existing canopy at the old orthopaedic entrance adjacent to the CAU building at Appleton Wing. Although the work will only take two days and not impact on normal weekday operations, staff and patients attending CAU may experience some noise over the weekend.

Piling to support the new extension will start on 6 December 2021 and will take several (days, weeks) to complete. The windows in the Appleton Wing corridor adjacent to the work site have already been infilled, so noise disruption during piling operations will be minimised but not completely mitigated. 

Prior to the piling starting, all hospital estate road service realignments will be completed. The resulting road layout allows single direction of traffic from the rear of the Warrington Hospital site to the Emergency Department main entrance, and the two way access from the Lovely Lane entrance through to the ED entrance is unhindered and as previously for all staff, patients and ambulance services.