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Council of governors

Governors of the hospital meeting in a strategy session.


As an NHS Foundation Trust we have a council of governors made up of elected public and staff governors and partner governors who represent local organisations who we work with.


The council of governors helps hold the trust to account to local people. They are involved in formulating strategy, monitoring performance and engaging with the public.

The council of governors helps shape and endorse the future strategy of the trust and provides a critical link between the hospital trust and the people it serves within Warrington, Halton and other local areas - ensuring that local people input into decisions and plans for the hospitals.

Our council of governors is made up of the following representatives:

  • 16 public governors - elected by the public members and representing the local community
  • 5 staff governors - elected by the hospital staff members
  • 6 partner governors - nominated by organisations we work closely with in Warrington and Halton.

How the Council works

The council of governors meets formally six times a year in public and anyone can attend to listen to the meeting. The meeting is chaired by the trust chairman. At the meeting, the governors receive the latest performance information and have the chance to analyse it and raise questions. The formal public council of governors meeting programme is a small part of the governors’ work in the trust.

Governors have a number of committees which they chair and sit on which allows them to bring information and views to the main council meeting. These committees focus on a number of areas including quality in care, finance and communications and membership. Other agenda items include updates from those committees.

Governors also help us to formulate our annual strategic plan. They hold workshops and survey their members to ensure the plan is in line with public expectation.

They also carry our unannounced ward inspection across the hospital where they monitor standard

s of our care and talk to patients and staff.

Register of Interests

Governors are required to comply with the Trust's Standards of Business Conduct and to declare interests that are relevant to the Council. All governors should declare such interests on appointment and on any subsequent occasion that a conflict arises. Details of the register of interests are reviewed annually. To request a copy of the latest register of interestes for the Council of Governors please contact WHH.foundation@nhs.net

Making contact

If you want to contact your governor please email WHH.foundation@nhs.net with your query or with a request for them to contact you and tell us the area you live in. You can also call us on 01925 66 2139.

Our governors are happy to come and present, meet or liaise with any community organisation. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Full list of the elected governors

Public Governors

There are 16 public governors representing Halton, Warrington and the areas to the north and south. Each governor is from - and is elected by - the membership who lives in their constituency.

  • Daresbury, Windmill Hill, Norton North, Castlefields - Alison Kinross
  • Beechwood, Mersey, Heath, Grange – Linda Mills
  • Norton South, Halton Brook, Halton Lea - Currently Vacant
  • Appleton, Farnworth, Hough Green, Halton View, Birchfield - Colin McKenzie
  • Broadheath, Ditton, Hale, Kingsway, Riverside Currently Vacant
  • Lymm, Grappenhall and Thelwall- Ryan Newman
  • Appleton, Stockton Heath, Hatton, Stretton and Walton - Nick Stafford
  • Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft, Poulton North- Keith Bland
  • Penkethand Cuerdley, Great Sankey North, Great Sankey South - Paul Bradshaw
  • Latchford East, Latchford West, Poulton South – Erin Dawber
  • Bewsey and Whitecross, Fairfield and Howley - Currently Vacant
  • Poplars and Hulme, Orford - Colin Jenkins
  • Birchwood, Rixton and Woolston - Anne M Robinson
  • Burtonwood and Winwick, Whittle Hall, Westbrook - Norman Holding
  • Rest of England – Jim Henderson and Dalton Boot

You can view more detailed profiles of our public governors at the bottom of this page.

Staff Governors

There are five staff governors, elected by hospital staff and representing the five main staff groups at the hospitals.

  • Medical - Dr Helen Bowers (Specialty Doctor)
  • Nursing and midwifery - TBC
  • Support - Peter Beesley
  • Clinical scientist or allied health professional - Louise Spence (Specialist Speech Therapist)
  • Estates, admin and managerial - Mark Ashton (Governance Manager)

Stakeholder Governors

Working alongside our elected public and staff governors will be five stakeholder governors. These governors are nominated by organisations or sectors that we work closely with. They include the local borough councils, local commercial and voluntary sectors.

  • Warrington Borough Council - Councillor Pat Wright
  • Halton Borough Council - Councillor Peter Lloyd Jones
  • Warrington Wolves Foundation - Neil Kelly
  • University of Chester - Dr Mike Brownsell
  • Widnes Vikings - John Hughes


Public governor profiles

These biographies give you some further detail on your public governors at Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Public 1: Daresbury, Windmill Hill, Norton North, Castlefields

Alison Kinross

Following a career as a Payroll/Finance Manager, Alison now in early retirement with two grown up daughters. Working with people has given her the skills to transfer to the role of Public Governor.

Alison has first- hand personal experience of many departments within the hospital and North West region, as her husband lives with and is treated for the cancer Myeloma. Alison also attends the hospitals for my own health issues. Whilst caring for her husband, Alison also returns to her father in Bedfordshire who is in the late stages of Dementia requiring 24hr care. She is a member of our Local Community Gardening Group and actively fundraises for Charity.

Since becoming a Public Governor in June 2015, Alison is very involved with patients at both hospital sites, bringing awareness of current Patient Experience back to the Trust Management, taking part in Ward round visits to gather ‘Your’ views. Attending many Governor and Trust meetings actively representing the public/patient view, thus ensuring the delivery of High Quality, Safe Healthcare that patients and staff deserve.

In 2016, Alison organised a Patient Awareness Day, to provide information on living with Myeloma with the help of Warrington Hospital and Myeloma UK. Promoting an awareness of this Cancer, giving additional information and support to patients, showing what to look for.

In Spring/Summer 2017, She initiated the project at Warrington Hospital, finding a sponsor to successfully replant the ‘Forget Me Not’ Ward Garden for Patients, their families and carers to enjoy the outside space, whilst they continue activities to Fundraise for the rebuild of the garden.

Autumn 2017, Alison attended the ‘What Matters to You’ Café at Halton Hospital for patients to tell us their views on the hospital and what they would like to see for Healthcare in the future.

Whilst recognising the restraints upon the Trust’s resources it is important to understand, challenge and ask reassurance for the decisions made. Alison has found her first term as a Governor most rewarding and would very much like to represent the Area for a second term to continue her work.

Term of office - until 30 November 2020

Public 2: Beechwood, Mersey, Heath, Grange

 Linda Mills

Term of office - until 30 November 2020



Public 3: Norton South, Halton Brook, Halton Lea

Currently Vacant

Public 4: Appleton, Farnworth, Hough Green, Halton View, Birchfield

Colin McKenzie

Colin is a Trustee of Halton Haven Hospice. He is a former Governor of Wade Deacon High School and was also a school appeals panel member in Halton. Colin is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and a member of Association for Project Management. He has experience in managerial, financial and commercial knowledge.

Term of Office - until December 2019


Public 5: Broadheath, Ditton, Hale, Kingsway, Riverside

Currently vacant


Public 6: Lymm, Grappenhall, Thelwall

Ryan Newman

Having lived in Lymm for my entire life - I have a significant interest in the healthcare provision provided within Warrington and Halton. Ill health in the family has caused me to be at both hospitals more than I would have liked - but this has given me a major insight into the provision of healthcare within the area; and means that I truly care about the future of the hospitals and their staff. Moving forward, I understand that pressures face the NHS - but believe that everything possible must be done to ensure that the high standard of service within WHH is maintained. As a governor, I seek to use my voluntary experience within the health and social care sector to ensure that the views of residents are taken into account; giving a human face to executive decisions. Outside of volunteering - I study Law at the University of Cambridge.

Term of office - until 30th November 2020

Public 7: Appleton, Stockton Heath, Hatton, Stretton, Walton

Nick Stafford

I have a passion for the NHS and in these testing times want to ensure that the needs of the local population are being represented. At the end of the day, I am a family man, and believe every person and family has the right to quality patient care. In my family, my son has multiple food allergies for example, and I want to ensure the Trust is the best it can be for my family and yours. I have a broad work experience across the health, public, and private sectors and also as a lay member in the NHS. In my career I have managed complex projects, constantly undertaking business and data analysis, and also scrutinising the governance of organisations. Crucially I would look to use my 5 years’ experience as public governor for Cheshire at the Ambulance Service, where I was Chair of the Quality & Patient Experience group. Here I acquired the skill of balancing the duty to hold the Board to account with representing the local population, and of supporting and adding value to the Trust. NHS Trusts are complex organisations and they say it takes some months if not years to become fully effective. I would like to fast track that time and start adding value from day one.

Term of office - until 30th November 2020


Public 8: Penketh and Cuerdley, Great Sankey North, Great Sankey South

Paul Bradshaw

I care deeply about the NHS. Over the last 18 months, I have been caring for my elderly parents, one of whom is a palliative patient, the other with a chronic heart condition – so I have frequented Warrington Hospital on many, many occasions and have seen, first hand, the great work that goes on. I want to support the work of the hospital and be a critical friend, to help to ensure that the services the hospital provides continue to improve for patients but also for their family members who care for them, and not forgetting the fabulous staff who work so diligently. I genuinely want to give something back to society. I am a qualified primary school teacher and now work in local government as an education advisor so I have a good knowledge of how the public sector works. I have been a governor of a local school, as well as a governor in three other schools in the Merseyside region. I care about people - people who access public services and people who work in the public sector.

Term of office - until 30th November 2020


Public 9: Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft, Poulton North

Keith Bland MBE

Keith is a retired mechanical engineer and has been a former Cheshire County Councillor for 13 years where he served, amongst many other committees, Chairman of Social Services so he knows the problems that are encountered between Councils and the NHS. He was made an Honorary Alderman in 1974.

Keith also served on Warrington Borough Council for 14 years and during that time was Deputy Leader of the Council from 2006 -2011. He was also made an Honorary Alderman in 2012.

Keith been and still is a local Parish Councillor for over 39 years and is actively involved in the villages of Culcheth, Glazebury & Croft, being a governor of Culcheth Primary School, Chairman of the Culcheth Centre, Chairman of Culcheth Education Foundation Trust and a member of the Friends of the Culcheth Library, as well as being a Public Governor for the NHS Warrington & Halton Hospitals Foundation Trust.

In my spare time my wife and I run a Luncheon Club for the over 60’s every Tuesday.

In 2011 I received my MBE for services to the Community in Cheshire & Warrington.

Term of Office - until December 2019

Public 10: Latchford East, Latchford West, Poulton South

Erin Dawber

Profile to follow.

 Term of office - until 30 November 2020

Public 11: Bewsey, Whitecross, Fairfield, Howley

 Currently Vacant

Public 12: Poplars and Hulme, Orford

Colin Jenkins

To help the NHS look after the needs of the people it is there to look after. It's vital in this time of austerity, that people who work in the NHS and the patients they care for, don't get relegated in the drive for efficiency savings and privatisation. Only through negotiation and cooperation, can our NHS hope to survive under the current direct attacks until a government that recognises the value of what the NHS stands for, gets elected. The pursuit of profit was not in the original idea for a free service that treated all who needed it, free. The health and welfare of the people of Warrington and the wider UK are not there to be used by the few in the pursuit of profit, playing God with their lives and treatment. We have seen the future. It's alive and living in the USA, where the poor and those who are vulnerable can't afford treatment or only qualify for basic care, at the whim of their insurers. Even they have recognised the value of the NHS and have tried to implement changes for the good of all. We still have the best health care system in the world and we need to fight to keep it that way. For many years I have been involved in trade unions and was a local councillor for a time.


Term of office – until 30 November 2020

Public 13: Birchwood, Rixton and Woolston

Anne M Robinson

Anne has worked in the Civil Service for 38 years, her final position was leading an Asset Auditing Team, questioning systems and procedures as well as care and/use of facilities and services. Anne was also responsible for the Quality Management systems and Training Services. She is married with 2 children and 3 grandchildren. She cared for her mother for over 12 years, consequently Anne’s special interest is in carers, whether it be for children, the elderly or Veterans; her working life having brought her into contact with all parts of the Armed Forces.

Term of Office - until December 2019

Public 14: Burtonwood, Winwick, Whittlehall, Westbrook

Norman Holding

Norman has been involved as a Public Governor for 2 years, he was elected Lead Governor in February 2017. He also chairs our Governor Quality in Care Group. He has brought his experience of both the private and public-sector facilities management of some 30 years and uses his skills and experience gained in technical back of house and hotel front of house service delivery along with a wealth of management skills for the good of the community to help shape the services delivered by the trust. He is active in the organisation of the Governor Observation visits and continues to be involved in PLACE Assessments (Patient Led Assessment of the Clinical Environment) for the past 5years covering both Warrington and Halton sites. Norman is especially interested in the facilities and standards of delivery of the wide range of services required from the trust and the achievement of the very best value for money. He focuses on the Standards of Patient Care being delivered across the Trust and sites on the Patient Experience Group.

In his Lead Governor role, he works to improve the involvement and impact the Council of Governors have and to these ends has worked with the Group to improve the communication between NEDS, the Board and the Council of Governors. He ensures the Council are aware of the National picture through membership of the National Lead Governors Forum.

Norman is retired and now dedicates the time necessary to be fully active and involved in the roles of Public Governor and Lead Governor for the Trust. He sees a major part of the role as being available to all members of the Council of Governors and the community in the constituency, to listen and act as a conduit to put forward views to the trust to ensure continued a high standard of care and the full range of services the citizens of Warrington need now, and for the foreseeable future.

Term of Office - until 30 November 2020

Public 15: Rest of England

Dalton Boot

Term of Office - until 30 November 2020 

Jim Henderson

Term of office - until 30 November 2020

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